My Father's Day Gift is...

10:26 AM

...the revelation that I can never hate men. No matter how much many of you suck at times, I can never hate men. There it is. Pow.

Recently I came across a new business called "Man Hater Tees". (Everyone is an entrepreneur these days, myself included.) Clearly, the shirts are meant for those days in which the dudes piss us off. Would I wear them? Yes, I would, just not all the time. I can never hate men.

I know too many good dudes out here, starting with my own dad. He kept us fed and tried to protect us from harm. I can't bring myself to calling other men "daddy" because I only call my father, daddy. How gross is it to call some fool daddy just cause he's half-way slanging it? Ok this is clearly a WHOLE 'nother blog post!

Then there are the other men in my family...all of whom are good dudes by a single woman's standard: They work, they take care of their kids, they love their moms. I don't get into their love lives though...bwahahahahaha! No matter how they treat their women, that's between them yo. I can never hate these men.

Then there are other men I know, who seem to be "good men". Even if we debate, argue, throw shoes, etc, hate is never in the vocabulary because in the end they are still good men. Either that, or I am delusional as fcuk. For this reason I cannot hate them, not enough evidence presented to do so.

Today I even managed to text a "Happy Father's Day" to the ex. Guess I can never hate him either, huh? I am truly evolving like a mofo!

That's all the time I'm spending on this...they get conceited, you know.

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