I swear I need my own reality show...

7:18 PM

...because I am ready to date like I'm on tee vee.

(Without the recklessness of course.)

Question: How many dates have you been on in a week, with a different person? In one week?
Two dates? And I only mean dates in which you keep your bloomers on. Next week I do plan to answer that question.

Just for fun, I put an ad on CraigsList, lookin' for companionship. Again, this was just for fun:

SBW looking for friendship then more

Date: 2011-06-21, 5:19PM EDT Reply to:

They say I look good for my age, but I am not looking to be your next jumpoff. Can we talk, see if we are a good fit first? I have a new freelance biz and you have to be okay with me being online a lot. :)

You are:


Have a sense of humor

Drama free.

Serious only please.

(Did I just type "jumpoff"? How old am I again? *dies*)

As shallow and lame as it reads, it works. Almost too well. It was posted on Tuesday and in minutes the responses came pouring in. In days the responses doubled. Too bad my writing career isn't poppin like this. (But be clear though, it's poppin')

Let's see how many dates I can handle in a week.

photo: laughingsquid.com

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