Charlotte dating scene...NO MATCH for your gal.

4:42 PM

At my age, this is the only mismatchin' going on up in here! Pic source:
Friday marked the launch of another freebie weekend. Thought I'd give it a try.

Over the weekend I went back into an account I  had launched there days ago (what?), uploaded some pics and got busy.

Hey, I have heard that Match works. Many of my bride friends I've met on Wedding Wire and The Knot swear they found love on there. Well, I guess they haven't looked for love in Charlotte because the men at least 20 miles within my new zip code are not cutting it.

And this isn't because I'm sadity. I'm as un-fancy as they come these days, although I like nice things once in a while. My first date with Mr. 6'3 was a walk by the lake and because he be conversatin' n shyt, (in my Shaniqua voice) it made for a great afternoon.

It's all about the basics. I just can't imagine talking to anyone who types like this right here:

i am a hord working man in charlotte nc i like good music jazz i love good food and a good game of pool and i like to Travel from time to time i am looking for a good sweet woman to share the rest of my life with 

Do what? They say you will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so why not make time to EDIT YOUR SHYT? I am officially annoyed.

Dude has the nerve to claim "some college". SMH

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  1. Loved learning more about you through this post, Ty! =) What a journey you're on and I really admire your optimism and energy through it all. I wholeheartedly agree that first impressions make all the difference! I even watch out for that in networking marketing. =P Luck for your adventures!

  2. Hi Sam!

    I am just reading this. Thank you for commenting, and thanks again for the friendship.