Welcome to the Single and Happy Awards. *looks for applause sound on iTunes*

9:01 AM

Good morning folks, welcome to my not-so-annual Single and Happy (SAH) Awards. I celebrate those single and happy women in the public eye: from TV and the internet. Each week (or so) I will place the well-deserved spotlight on one single woman who is doing the damned thing. Without further ado, let's honor our first recipient.

"I'd like to thank God, first and fo'most"! CTFU
courtesy: thebosh.com
Tamra Barney - Real Housewives of Orange County
This is mah chick. Not only has she given up a comfy life with a man and big azz house, she continues to look her best. Did she miss a beat since the separation? I don't think so. The body is sick for a 40-something year old; the feisty behavior adds just enough pop without being "extra". She attracts women and men alike. *slowly raises hand*

To top it off, Tam got her a youngin'! Ain't nothing bad looking about him either. As much as the word "swagger" gets on my last nerve, I will use it just once in this blog, 'cause Eddie's got lots of it.

Women who find themselves newly single should take notes from Ms. Barney right about now. No, I don't suggest getting implants or bleaching your hair. But get your Zumba on or at least commit to power-walking.
And while most of us cannot shop like a Tamra, we can come pretty damned close thanks to the outlet malls!

Thanks for tuning in! Hit me up with your nominations.

Update: It appears that Tamra is taking things to the next level with this dude. WTF Tam? Let me do some research on this one. Should my findings prove that she is in fact going to wed, the SAH will be yanked so effing fast!!!

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  1. Is she really considered single since she is dating Eddie? Or single because she is divorcing her controlling husband?

  2. Hey Niqqi!

    I was thinking about the technical side of it...she is getting a divorce, no longer with her husband, so that's single to me. But I hear what ur saying.
    Now if she is getting engaged to Eddie then to me, she ain't single no mo.