Open Letter

8:45 PM

When I worked for a major non-profit, one of my duties included an oversee of getting acknowledgments out to donors. In a timely manner. I had to ensure that the note included: When the donation was received, what the money was applied to, legal jargon (for tax purposes), "best regards/warmest regards",and most importantly, dramatic lingo that hits 'em right here *points to heart*.

As a former employee of this particular org, how can I apply my "skillset" into this blog?
I wrote this about a month ago. Pow:

Dear Mr. -----

Many thanks for showing your true colors on January 15, 2011, and before we got married. God has blessed me in more ways than you'd ever know.

I will forever be grateful to you for not allowing me to reap the benefits of owning a home in Maryland. Instead, I am slated to purchase a home in NC within a year.

I now manage two thriving business - TyLand Travel and T. Wilson, Writing Consultant.

My auto  accident case, is close to settling, within months of the breakup. Oh the irony! What was supposed to be a means to pay off your car, fund a wedding and support the new house, belongs now only to my daughter and me.

Finally, but most importantly, I have reconnected with God, family and long-time friends.

D====, you true colors are to be commended.

Best regards,

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