iPhone autocorrect is mad funny!

4:19 PM

SMH...at all the autocorrect ratchedness! Image courtesy of dailymobile.se.
Today is Sunday but I decided to skip church and pull out an old tank top which reads I "heart" Patron.

But it gets better-er.

Remember the ex-con I wrote about? Well later that evening, a friend of mine gave her .02 on this, and I decided that a) I didn't ask enough questions, eg. "How long were you locked up?" and b) What the hayl makes a "good man" these days? I mean I dated and almost married a good man... on paper -- he served in the military and everything! By now, y'all know whathadhappened.

So Mr. Six-Three and I talked, texted and the following day we enjoyed the Charlotte weather by the lake. Turns out what he got arrested for (and I am not just saying this 'cause he's sexy) could have happened to anyone...well...almost anyone. Hell, it could have happened to mai! He is a black man in the south, ya know? He has clearly changed his life...scratch that: I can't say that he has changed his life, because he didn't seem to have an effed-up life in the first place. I'm just going to say, he did what he had to do to support his only child (thank God he only has one nino) and got caught out there by some jackhole in a uniform. 

The convos we had were great and we are excited about date number two, which goes down later today.

We are both just getting out of relationships (this actually concerns me much more than the jail thing) so for now, it's just fun. Whatever y'all consider fun...LML

Oh back to the iPhone correction: I texted #winning, and was corrected with #sinning. I cannot make this shyt up if I tried!

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