If I hear "nothing is ever easy" one more time!?!?!

10:07 PM

Take this broom and shove it!
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I won't say I like cutting corners...

But to be quite honest I rarely had to work hard at anything. ANYTHING.

As a child in Queens my dad was strict when it came to the yard work. We girls had to sweep the sidewalk in front of the house, pretty much every day, while dad and the boys cut the grass.

I don't remember ever cutting grass. Ever.

One day I looked across the street at the neighbor's. You know the neighbor who is @nal about the yard, has the best kept house and nicest car (by 1980s standards) on the block? Yeah, that's that neighbor. I see him doing something amazing with a water hose: He sprayed  fallen leaves and other debris away from the sidewalk and steps. It took him half the time to do what I was doing for years, clean that damned front of the house.

I guess one would call it powerwashing today, eh?

Ever since that day I witnessed the goody-two-shoes neighbor working that hose, I ditched the push-broom for good. Never had a complaint about the sidewalk. Not one.

Eventually I would apply this technique to most of my adult life. No not chores per se, but learning how to achieve the same results, in a faster, mo' better fashion. It worked in college. It worked on my jawbs. It's working in my writing. (I have a method for my blogging and other writing gigs that I will share in the upcoming ebook)

If only I could teach myself to use this technique when dealing with the opposite sex. #justsayin'

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