Give the single ladies a break, yo!

3:37 PM

Ok, Joise. You've made your point. Source:
I mean really, Josie Brown, do you truly believe any strong woman in her right mind would put herself out there all drunk and sloppy-like, for all the family (and everyone else, thanks to YouTube) to see?

On the other hand...I just went to YouTube. Never mind.

So I read an article, Are You a Wedding Slut? 3 Telltale Signs and Ms. Brown continues the tradition of telling all the single ladies what not to do.*sigh* No, I don't suggest we should get drunk and take all focus away from the bride, by dancing on tables and singing off key. But I know plenty of married women who act a fool too. Leave the single girls alone, aiight?

I am sick of reading about how the single do not know how to carry themselves. We can't get a man. We can't keep a man (not one word!). We can't be happy for those who get and keep a man. And no, we can't even control our likka and will allow our morals to fall  "somewhere around (our) ankles along with a (pair of) Spanx", according to Brown.

Josie, I though you were one of us. *gives the screw face look*

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