So life really does go on eh?

8:41 AM

Source: Yahoo! news
I woke up around 4:30, not because I realized I was late in watching NBC's too long coverage of the Royal Wedding, but because I couldn't sleep. But it's more than a coincidence that I wake up just in time to see the beginning of the celebration, on my iPhone. Thanks, Facebook friends...*insert sarcastic laugh #1*

Not trying to be a spoiled sport, I held my peace, typing on Yahoo! Messenger a mere "I am not watching the wedding", and so far I haven't. Until I got out of bed.

My lovely sister-in-law, still bubbling from her recent marriage to my bruh, has the "big TV" on to what else?
I am forced to watch or at least listen, from any...EVERY part of house. How great for me! *insert sarcastic laugh #2*

But you know what? I'm cool. I've acknowledged that I cannot see anything wedding related because this year was my planning year. Or so I thought. You know what? I can see other people get married this year, and truly be happy for them. I can hate on Kate's dress, and my friends' gowns as well. I can stay on a wedding vendor's blog for more than 1 minute...Beth is awesome! 

I've come to terms with no longer being a bride-to-be, and I'm moving on with the rest of the world.

Your girl's gonna be okay!

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