My baby daddy - he ain't no April fool (and other ramblings)

1:10 PM

My buddy. Wherever I go (to give birth) heeeeee goes...
So it looks like I have the power to move on from a relationship. Case in point: My 90s BF, Mr. Harlem. He's the homie! We get along better now than we ever could have imagined during the lovey-dovey phase. Add to that my little diva doesn't remember us being together, his wife and I are cool, and walla, it's the perfect dysfunctional family. No, it hasn't always been this way but as soon as we agreed to put our child first the skies turned into the shade of UNC blue that everyone loves. (Still feeling some kind of way about that Tarheels lost.) Parents, get along with your child's parent, if at all possible. Your soul will thank you for it.

Oh and THANK GOD I didn't have chirren during that last relationship. Bullet dodged.


Damn Charlotte, I heart you but how many "CSR" $10.00/hr gigs could one city stand? I'm cool with being overqualified: at the end of the day I don't wanna work for da man anyway. But ten an hr? Really???

Also: Shout out to my newest network "The Blogging Buddies". No, we are not a group of 400 women self-promoting our businesses, and no, we do not have the regulars found in other groups: The Bible Reciter, The Bully, and best of all The Mighty Spammer. We are a group of bloggers who support each other, nothing more. I heart you all. Now get in here and plug your biz in the comments!

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