I just knew Facebook could be used for good.

10:13 AM

Why did it take so long for me to come to this realization is beyond me...

Source: http://ouchoutrageousobnoxiousandodd.blogspot.com
So I am reading the status update of my new friend in my head, Dani . She knows her stuff with all things making legit money online. She asks: "Are you allowing doubts to creep into your mind?"

Maybe I do sometimes, okay, more times than I'll ever admit. Additionally,  I always seem to hit a wall. :(  Not sure why that is. It's not like I'm scared of failure or success, which I always never understood anyway. How does success scare anyone? Success means bigger and better, right?

Oye vey... 

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  1. I'm so honored to be mentioned, but more so that a conversation that we had could be so powerful for another. This is a wonderful, honest post! Change your thinking...leads to changing your doing!! No more stinkin' thinkin' :)


  2. Yes ma'am. No more "stankin" thinkin'!