Big Girls Don't Cry? Ever?

11:05 AM

I woke up to the sounds of my cute two nieces dancing to a Disney-esque version of Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry". So...what do we do?

It's ok to be human. That's who we are. In our personal lives, being human is easy for most of us, who are comfortable in our own skin.  In business we tend to put up a front for our customers (by saying things like "I can handle it" or "I got this") which is understandable, but what if... for a brief moment, we showed a human side?

Where were you before you started your business? Everyone knows I put Tyland Travel on the back shelf during my engagement. And everyone knows I am no longer engaged. What about a customer who calls you a hero? How much stress has a client endured until you walked in his or her life? (Without giving away personal details) These, my friends, are the stories that should be sprinkled into your blogs, sites, pages, etc. Welcome to Human Interest.

This brings me to what I've been up to, in addition to selling group travel. I have been writing human interest stories for the Multiple Sclerosis Society for several weeks. They will be published and online soon. This will launch my new venture Tyjuana Wilson - Freelance Writer. If you would like me to write one (1) human interest story for you to use as you'd like, please add a comment below, or email me ( brief details that I can transform into a one page story. For my blog followers and "likers" this is a free service.

Hey Fergie, thanks for allowing someone to sell your song to kids. *laughs sarcastically* Photo source:
Now, go'on and be human. Have...ooops...I mean MAKE it a great day! ~ Ty

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