Another list: Things I didn't notice when I was engaged, that I notice now.

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Hey Scotty, what took you so long? Sheesh! Source:
Lemme tell you something. A big-a ring will blind you in more ways than one. It will lead you to path of Delusionalville, and the only way out of that wretched town is to ask Scotty to beam you. When I was engaged...I'm not going to suggest I was a totally different person. Too ashamed to do that. But looking back, the real me was caught up in the bridal shows, reality shows and websites. A year of my life I won't ever get back. Ok, I'm feeling some kind of way now.

Things I didn't notice when I was engaged, that I notice now. 

1) Facebook wedding rants. Some of these updates I see are downright silly. Yeah ya look silly girl. Getting mad over some do-it-yourself ish gone wrong. If you're not going to spend the money to get it done by a pro what do you expect is going to be the outcome when you -- an amateur -- try your hands at it?

2) My male friends are back. Dealing with a big black baby (patiently waits for the backlash on that one. ROFL) meant little to no contact with my platonic friends. Unless they were his friends already. Of course today, my male friends are new friends; I've lost contact with the older ones.

3) Most of the gowns look alike. Call me a bitter bish. I don't care. Take two steps back and look at these gowns. As pretty as they are, even the "couture" ones have a twin somewhere.

4) Weddings are not all of that. I am sitting in a popular coffee shop, filled with people doing un-wedding things. And they seem ok. Perhaps they are already married, I dunno. But in my eavesdropping I can tell that wedding stuff is not on anyone's agenda.

5) Those who love you, still do. I thought the wedding cancellation would have devastated my dawta. Not only was she super excited about the wedding, but she willingly played a major role as the official stationary designer. But she is fine. So are others who truly love me post engagement.

The end...

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