Another list: 3 Lessons I've Learned From Being Almost Married

6:31 PM

Reading 3 Lessons I Learned From Failing in Business , a guest writer's post found on  the blog Growing With Stacy , has got me thinkin'. The article begins with "I suck" at running a biz, although the writer has managed to find a way to make it though entrepreneurship. But it doesn't end with an admittance; three lessons are also listed, proving that sucking has a teachable moment (get your mind out the gutter, yo) that has been very well applied.  

While I'll never consider myself a failure...there were some mistakes made *cough* on my end *end cough* and it looks like I'm on the road to being all educated 'n stuff. Honestly, these are common sense things I should know already:

1. Stay focused on yourself.
2. Be patient.
3. Go in! (Just do it)

Stay focused on yourself
How in the world did I allow wedding and house stuff overrule ME? It's just a's just a house. You can't take these things with you when life is a wrap. It's funny how the tangible continues to be so major in life. SMH.

Be patient
Apparently I was too excited about the wedding. Even that dude didn't deserve a Bridezilla in training. All of those moments spent watching David Tutera and 'em could have been applied toward...I dunno...writing and two passions!

Go in! (Just do it)
While patience is a virtue, one has nothing to be patient about if that initial offer isn't sought after, that first question isn't asked, or a call for help isn't cried. You have to go balls to the wall. That sitting 'round waiting is for the birds.

So lemme ask you...what did you learn from your last relationship, besides he or she was crazy? :D

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