The "yup" post.

9:22 AM

Gurl...hope he doesn't take after his daddy. #imjustsayin
Yup, I am over the royal wedding. And yup, it's most likely because I'm no longer planning my own wedding. Yup, I have more important things to be concerned about. (*thinking and
nodding head*...yup!)

Nope, I'm not hating. Nope, I don't wish bad on 'em. Nope I won't be watching the wedding. Hope to no longer be unemployed by that time; nope, I ain't rich yet. (SMH and thinks: nope)

Yup, I'm over him. Yup I'm glad I'm not getting married to him. But ask me if I miss the wedding 'ish and the ridiculous things I used to "have to have"...the answer is a nonchalant yup.

Good mornin'... :D

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