*Waving hand frantically* Get in here, got another question.

5:39 PM

...but first, shout out to those of you who answered my last question. (Cues the crickets)

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way, lol, here we go: How soon is too soon to get serious with someone? A close relative of mine just revealed that he proposed to his wife six months after meeting her! The two of them seem to be doing grrrrrrreat, but, it's only been seven months since the wedding.

Personally speaking, I feel one must go through the four seasons together, to see if they are indeed a match. Everyone knows winter is boo lovin'/cuddle-cuddle season; spring is the breakout season; summer is the buck wild/kids gone to grandmas season/fall is back to life season. I need to know the man I'm dealing with is standing by me through all the seasons, especially the springtime, the morning allergies make me less than desirable, to be honest with you.

Back to the relative, who says that he knew immediately after meeting his wife, that he was going to marry her.

That's two seasons by the way.

And it took me and dude two years -- mad seasons, son -- before we got serious with each other, and another year and a half before we looked at engagement rings. By now, you know how that worked out for us.

For $50 a month, apparently I need to get serious with this Cricket joint right here! #tommy
What say you? Oh, I'm just asking...just thought I'd toss that disclaimer in the mix.

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  1. I love your blogs Ty. Mmmmm, it definitely varies with the individuals. I knew Rick was the one within 6 months and so did he, we just danced around the subject for 9 months and then he proposed. We had a 1 and 3 months engagement, so technically we had all 4 seasons before we got married :) I think as you get older, you have less tolerance for BS and somehow know when it's right or wrong. No sticking around for years waiting to figure out if he/she is the right one for you.

  2. Aww thanks for sharing Sharon.:) You two are awesome by the way.

  3. Oh and remind me to NEVER post with a phone. Stalingrad = standing by. Sorry!