No he did not just call my phone before 8 am!!!

8:36 AM

I won't be doing any phone smashing anytime soon.
I'm still Tommy'ed up.
Seriously, how many times must I be reminded about my mail being forwarded to my PO box? And yes, I am doing well so quit asking me "how you doin'". I'm pretty sure if I was ill or in an accident you would probably hear about it.

Just asking: what if I fell off the celibacy wagon and was tied up this morning? Yes, I know it's way too soon for that, but I'm just wondering. Will this dude forever be in my freaking life?

I don't get it, we do not have children together. Or a business. Or property. We have nothing, which is why he should have nothing to say to me, especially at 7:16 EST.

I promised my parents I would not speak to dude (at least not until the healing time for me has passed) but he keeps calling. And sure I can change my number, but why should I have to -- once again -- make changes on my end, because of his behavior? Isn't the big move to Kakalack enough? He's a demon.

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  1. Well Girl maybe he is not over you! I don't think it is that easy just to forget about someone who you were planning to spend the rest of your life with. So with that said he might be thinking things over eve though it's to late. Why you calling him a demon girl remember you was in love with that Just enjoy life

  2. I know, it might seem harsh...calling him a demon. Lol but if ya only knew.
    I'll explain the break up for all my new readers so that y'all see where I'm coming from.

    And "used to be"...that's the key point. ;)

  3. Yes, Ty that is a bit harsh. I have to agree, you were in love with the "demon". And true love does not just disappear like that. If it did, I would have serious doubts that it was "true".

  4. Understood. But like I said, y'all don't know the half.