Déjà vu, child!

9:50 AM

Recently I received a note regarding a breakup. I was shocked, still am to an extent. But now that I think about it, I must have shocked you all too with my news. Wow!

I asked what happened to the younger couple and although the response was rather vague, I get it. Apparently - like me - the girl has been going through it for a while now, in silence for the most part. And by "in silence", I mean no Facebook rants. :)

Like me, she's finally had enough and is going HAM, just like did (on *coughs* Facebook) And it sucks because I thought he was a good dude. Maybe he still is. Scratch that. He's a man so he sucks, yo! Go'on cue the dog barking back at my chant, "we hate men". Thanks.

By the way: Don't you just love how I make someone's breakup all about mai?

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