Being unpetty

10:41 AM

Mr. Chocolate is unpetty. And  a cutie. Pic courtesy of
Who knew that being around petty folks for sooooooo long, would rub off on mai?

Last night I received a call in response to a text I sent; this turned into a heated debate about being petty. Won't go into the details behind the text  (it's petty lol) but I was clearly in the wrong. In sum: I thought he was uptight about something, when he was most certainly not. Do you follow this? Something that would have pissed off Mr. Petty, equated to nothingness to Mr. Chocolate. *giggles*

Mr. Chocolate is just a friend y'all! He and I had dinner -- not a date --- the last week before I moved to Charlotte, which means he lives what, seven hours away? Did I mention he looks like a 6'1 thing of chocolate? *giggles*

Anyway, because he is unpetty, we were able to move on to the usual banter... (which I won't get into on here either. LOL)

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