Being the real world: Scheduling conflict

9:28 AM

Just had a convo with one of my 25 sisters lol. She called to wish me well on a jawb interview, although she was two days late...

Still it was great to chat it up with her. But somehow we began discussing Chris Brown. She is too saved and I am too old to care about this young buck and his drama. But it does make me think about forgiveness, and personal schedules. I promise, I'm going somewhere with this.

When you are truly sorry for doing wrong (and clearly, hurting someone you love is dead wrong) 
you have to do what you can to fix it so that that wrong act doesn't take place again. Drunk drivers should seek AA meetings while abusers should seek their respective counseling professionals. Additionally the purp has no right to state when he or she should be forgiven to the point where we all move on. 

This is what I call the purp's timeline, his or her clock. Someone gets hurt, they are told "sorry" and they might forgive. But that doesnt mean everything is back to normal. The world doesn't run on the wrongdoer's schedule. Especially when he or she doesn't address the actions that led to the wrongdoing.

Reminds me of someone...

I can recall quite a few times where we'd beef and try to out-scream each other. When I was in the wrong I would sincerely apologize. But if he was at fault he would spit out sorry (sometimes he wouldn't) and expect me to fry some chicken and get over whatever he said or did. Excuse you?!?

I know, I said this blog is not about him but this CB thing (and again I was never physically abused) caused me to reflect on timelines. You do someone wrong, you lose your Outlook scheduling privileges. Enough said.

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  1. Didn't say that. I'm saying don't tell me when to move on (or when to give a second chance).