Another post about my dawta

9:00 AM

So throughout my chaos, the one person who you'd think would be one of the last to serve as a rock, is a 13 year old. She is spoiled and popular among the popular kids. She's definitely everything I was not, while growing up in Queens: super cute* and a magnet for all things cool. She even makes the nerdy look haute in the community. Damn you 1980s for not making glasses stylish back then, barring the Run-DMC look of course. :)

But what makes her stand out even more, is the fact that she sees the importance of going to a good school. I told her about some apartments I visted yesterday. (Communities which are not expensive at all, nor are nestled in the hood either. I HEART CHARLOTTE! ) Dawta asked the name of the school and as I went to grab the name for her -- which was written in my notes about the apartment -- I matter-of-factly asked with a laugh, "What are you going to do? Google it?" Without hesitation, she said yes.

I am truly blessed. Not only is she cool with the life changes, but she wants to take on an active role in her new school search. Having more kids is not an option: there is no way I can have a second child who is this awesome. By the way, baby girl has talked about going to college, working and buying US a house, since she was 3. True story.

*Sidenote: As a skinny chick in the 80's I never understood why anyone would want to LOSE weight. Being underweight was a bigger issue for me, but it was never discussed for whatever reason. Where I came from, a phatty was an unwritten requirement, yo.

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