Who dat is?

6:31 AM

I don't even know who he is anymore. It's as if we are room mates (at least until I bounce next week) who only have a the same roof under head in common.

His jokes are unfunny.
His demeanor is no longer sexy.
I have zero desire for him, even after a few drinks. That is deep.

Maybe it's because I'm consumed with moving, TyLand and finishing out job duties. Iono. But clearly a marriage would have eventually earned the stamp...

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  1. How did he take this? What did he say in his defense?

  2. Donny! Thanks for being a "regular" around here. lol

    I haven't spoken to him about this. For one, I am trying to keep chatter with him to a minimum. Every convo it seems tends to turn into "Ty, you don't have to leave" and I am drained emotionally.

    Besides, what's the point? It's not like we're trying to work things out. I'm out this B. LOL

  3. I guess I was just wondering how it got this far...?