Uh yes...I'm leaving. You can stop asking me that.

10:44 AM

Here comes the backlash in 5...4...3...2...

Women who have put up with abusive or otherwise STANK men, I blame you for the doubt expressed to me this week, from several close to me (who happen to be women, go figure). Why is it so hard to believe that I am walking away? Is it because he hasn't laid a hand on me?

I HAVE to state this again, he has not hit me. I don't want anyone to think otherwise. Is it because I am still staying in that brand new, nice azz house? Well shoot, what I look like getting an apartment instead of saving my pennies for the real move to Charlotte?  I turned in my resignation from what is seemingly a "good jawb" with ben-a-fits. If my 5-month old Chevy Cobalt could talk she would ask "WTF Ty?"

The doubt is definitely stemming from years of women putting up with BS. But that's them. I have never been one to follow the masses and at 38, I won't pick now to start following. Ladies, take the leap. Pack your bags, find your happy, and bounce. It really is that simple.  Folks, it's called faith. I am walking by it, instead of by sight.

Look what I've found during my weekend trip:
Lay-a-way here? Really??? I still "heart" Charlotte. Queen City, here I come.

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