So... that was an interesting Valentine's Day.

10:36 AM

Yesterday like most middle class girls, I received roses and candy. Clearly a rushed job but appreciated nonetheless. And even a dramatic "Let's get married today!" proposal.

Too bad it happened only after the bastard took me to court. He called himself evicting me. I think. I really dunno what was the point of it all.

Nope, this is not PF Chang's where almost a year a ago, I was proposed to. 

He dropped the case and spared some heartache my family has endured for me since they are miles away. Don't worry y'all. I'll be in Charlotte very soon.

Meanwhile, always one to bury drama under other things to do, I drove down to Charlotte for networking, which went really well. Working as a communications volunteer with the Multiple Scerosis Society will allow me to transition back in to what I do best - write. 

Of course, since I'm rushing it, one would never know I do love to write.

Also I sipped on a Grandecaramelsomething from Starbucks with a young lady who heads up a Charlotte Meetup. Not only am I the newest member, I am now the go-to gal for all things travel for the group.Maybe one day my two worlds will collide for good as a traveling writer or something. *shrugs* I love the fact that I don't have to stick to a script anymore!

Your girl will be back in the Queen cit-tay in two weeks. Meanwhile I have to put on my "job" hat here in B'more for a few more days.


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