My second vow as a single woman: Whoring with a purpose

12:15 PM

I promise not to use singlehood as an excuse to be a hoe. Well, not that kind of a hoe.
Whilst I will try to live a life of celibacy (Please hold back the laughter until after you finish reading please!) , I will go hard on other things that make me feel good: : Anyone who is a fan of the Michael Baisden show, knows all about the dream thieves. My ex is one. Now that he is no longer a blocker, I can get away to where ever I want, when ever I want and make some money doing it. Without his "advice". Please notice the quotation marks.

Writing: I will keep a note pad and the laptop handy, like another type of whore would keep the Magnums handy.

WWE: Uh nope, there is no real purpose for watching orchestrated wrestling shows and yes, this should be filed under "Things shared with the ex", but yo! The Rock is back with WWE!!! Probably because his acting sucks. But at any rate, I can't wait to smell what da Rock is cookin.

Kraft Mac n Cheese: I know, my aging tummy shouldn't indulge in such processed mess. And I realize I'm putting the South to shame by not sharing a recipe for a home-made casserole version, but I heart the blue box. Just the right amount of milk makes it extra cheesy.

So there it is. Hoes unite.

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