He's Crazy!!!

12:13 PM

Photo credit: memgenerator.net
It's funny how I am slowly beginning to realize I am not alone. The past two days I have received so much love for the blog and my random FB postings. In receiving the feedback I am also hearing the same tune: "That man (Their man, that is) is crazy. I'm out."

In fact I was going through my Facebook messages on the iPhone just the other day and was touched to read: "You have inspired me to begin to loosen a 4 year grip to nowhere...so I join ya Sista! (I'm) Beginning to walk in my destiny...(and) when I did, God began blessing...right away, as you!"

So let's continue to let Him lead up and remove the crazy out of our lives, aiight? We have no room for a loony bin. Makes me think of the Judds, "Mama He's Crazy". Don't judge me, I love them!

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