And then...there are the pets

8:13 AM

Non pet lovers might not feel me on this right here. But as a new "real pet lover" (rare petting of the canine dad found one day roaming the yard near the chicken coop - yes I said chicken coop - doesn't really count as being a pet fan) doggy love is real. When a breakup occurs, the children are not the only ones suffering. In fact, in my case, Jazzmine the lab seems to be taking it the hardest. And to top it off, Jazzy's in heat now. Just look at her:

If Jazzy could talk: "Ty, how you gon' play me like this? Can a sister get a sweater at least? I'm sayin'!"

Ladies, think about being sad for no reason during your time of the month, PLUS, being sad because something is changing in your life and you can't control it. Well, Jazzy is just like us human girls. She has not been her cheerful self since the break up and as of late, since she's been in heat, she has been super depressed. I am not making this up. :(

Sidenote: I had my daughter cracking up because I taught Jazzy to respond to me when I chant "We hate men." She jumps and barks in an amen - like manner! I am not making this up. :)

I am going to miss Jazzmine. She's mad cool, son.

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