And then...there are the children

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Folks when you get into these lovey-dovey situations, please be mindful that it's not just a you 'n you relationship. Once you hit 30-something, chances are there are children involved. Will and Jada has made it (so far) look easy as hell to love one another and all of their children from not only their relationship, but from the previous ones.

(Didn't realize how tall Willow was until the other night, while watching the Grammys. Oh, is she wearing platforms? Wow.)

In my attempt to create a Tyler Perry moment in court the other day, I brought along an email written to the judge, from my 13-yr-old daughter.
Don't worry, the judge was having a bad day and wasn't trying to hear anything other than an agreement to pay past due rent. Again, what the hell was I even there for? Never mind. *le sigh*

Here is the email. Please disregard the excessive use of the caps. With a BA in Communications-Journalism, I'm feeling some kind of way. But this shyt right here, came from her heart so I can't be mad. Please have tissue on standby. I've read it so many times, I'm good. I think.

"Good Morning,
            I Feel Like The Break Up Was Random/Sudden In A Way . One Day We're Looking At Venues And About A Week Later It's Jobs / Apartments In NC. I Think My Mother Made The Right Choice Because She Wanted To Be Happy, But I Was Beginning To Adjust To The New Lifestyle/House (etc.).  I Am Still Cool With D----n Like I Always Was. But , I Spent A lot Of Time Drawing Many Designs Of Wedding Stuff Like Dresses and Logos And Now They Cant Be Used On Nothing. I Also Became Very Close With D---n's Daughter S------e, She Is Like My Real Sister And We Hang Out A lot (To This Day).

            My Mother Gets Emotional Sometimes, Then I Hug Her So She Feels Better . I Don't Like To See Her That Way , But I Think we Both Know It's Going To Benefit Her in The End. She Won't Be Putting Up With Any Extra Unneeded Drama."

Again, don't forget about the kids in your decisions. I decided to leave (oh yeah, he is begging me to stay, as several people already warned me he would.) to set an example: You don't have to put with anyone's BS. No matter what.

And perhaps there are some behind the scenes Will, Jada and 'em issues that we'll never know about...and in a world of Vh1 and Bravo, that is a good thing.

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