Some karma for Christmas

12:17 PM

Candycocainedick: you already know where this post is going...

9:41 AM

Dateless December?

9:22 AM

Single and Happy in Detroit: Love and Everything You Thought it Wasn't - Parts I and II

11:24 AM


11:57 PM

Single and Happy in Cali: 50 First Dates

2:20 PM

Everyone ain't built to be single.Part II

11:24 AM

I'm on vacation. From the dating scene.

10:03 AM

Everyone ain't built to be single.

9:36 AM

The third "Shammy" Award goes to...

10:35 AM

My "bye" week.

8:33 PM

My date...with EVELYN (and other weekend follies)

12:09 PM

You ain't my daddy, you my man!

8:22 AM

My single and happy week in review: That site!

9:00 AM